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Calendar of Events

Updated: Jan 19

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January 24 LTAP Class: Excavation Safety - Roads Scholar Course 2

January 24-26 TTPCC Meeting (tentative)

January 25 LTAP Class: Pipe and Culvert Installation

January 25 LTAP Class: MUTCD Part 6 - Roads Scholar Course 4

January 27 LTAP Class: Fall Protection

February 1 LTAP Class: Concrete Basics Class

February 15 OKSCAUG User Group Meeting

February 28 RAISE Grant Application Deadline

March 9 TTPSF Application Deadline

March 21-23 Tribal Land Staff National Conference

April 24-26 Tribal Transportation Training

May 21-25 CTAA/OTA Annual Joint Conference and OTA Roadeo

September 24-28 NTICC

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