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Cross Timbers will assist you with developing strategies to meet your Tribe’s transportation needs as defined in 25 CFR Part 170.  Planning considers environmental concerns, cultural resources, and safety issues.  Our tribal transportation experience gives us an understanding and insight into the National Tribal Transportation Facility Inventory (NTTFI).  We can reconcile and update your inventory so that it can be integrated, prioritized, and budgeted into your long range transportation plan.  Cross Timbers will explore efficient and innovative approaches while complying with federal and state regulations.

Contact Pam for more information.

Transportation Planning

Master Planning

Safety Planning

Roadway Inventory

Transit Planning & Management

Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

While Cross Timbers specializes in roadway and bridge design, we provide a range of civil engineering services, including residential subdivision design, site design, parking lot design, hydraulics, and drainage studies.  Our staff has over 35 years’ experience in civil engineering, and 24 years specifically within Tribal Transportation.

Contact Tom for more information.

Roadway Design

Bridge Design Coordination

Subdivision Design

Utility Design

Right-of-Way Descriptions

Construction Management

Construction Project Estimates

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Cross Timbers provides technical assistance to Tribal Transportation Programs in many areas (see below).

Contact Tom for more information.

TIP Preparation

PORT Reporting

Project Oversight

RFP/RFQ Writing

Grant Writing

TTP Inventory Evaluation

Construction Project Estimates

Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

Cross Timbers utilizes GIS into its projects to improve communication and efficiency.  We use GIS for environmental evaluation, roadway inventory, and crash safety analysis.  As GIS moves into online formats and interactive mapping, Cross Timbers is staying current with the advancing technologies.  Cross Timbers is available to provide GIS training and workshops.

Contact Pam for more information.


Mapping/Data Analysis



Preserving environmental and cultural resources is a priority for Cross Timbers Consulting.  As part of its design and construction services, Cross Timbers conducts and facilitates the environmental surveys, studies, and consultations that are required for federally funded projects.  Cross Timbers performs biological evaluations, wetland delineations, and negotiates minimization and mitigation efforts.

Contact Pam or John for more information.

NEPA Compliance

Environmental Assessments/ Categorical Exclusions

Biological Evaluations

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