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Tribal Transportation Training Presentations

Below you will find all of the presentations from our Tribal Transportation Training in April 2022.

All presenters' bios:

~Presenter Bios
Download PDF • 629KB

Presenter: Adam Larsen

Download PDF • 522KB
Day2 Systemic RwD Form Training
Download PDF • 5.60MB
Day1at11 Safety Funding Update fin
Download PDF • 7.88MB
Day1at14 Data Analysis
Download PDF • 2.65MB
Day1at11.5 Crash Data Tools-Ok training
Download PDF • 4.15MB
Day1at11.5 Crash Data Tools for Tribes
Download PDF • 898KB
Download PDF • 85KB

Presenter: Darcel Collins

Construction Management_Collins_TTT Oklahoma 040722
Download PDF • 12.27MB
Construction Management Handout Packet
Download PDF • 3.25MB
RIFDS OK Existing Bridge Data Export AS
Download PDF • 229KB
TTP Bridge Application Checklist
Download PDF • 194KB
TTP Bridge Certification Checklist
Download PDF • 1.05MB

Presenter: Liz Romero

TTP Background-Overview_April 2022_Tribal Training_Shawnee_OK
Download PDF • 1.93MB
TTP Delivery Options_FHWA
Download PDF • 644KB
BIL overview Tribal OK Tribal Training
Download PDF • 309KB

Presenter: Misty Klann

TTP TIP_Practice
Download PDF • 499KB
TTP 101_Planning_03.2022
Download PDF • 1.21MB
Download PDF • 412KB

Presenter: Danny Capri

Allowable Uses of TTP Funds
Download PDF • 9.89MB

Presenters: Michael Lynn & Andy Harris

CNDOT Drone Presentation
Download PDF • 1.58MB

Presenters: Tom Edwards & Rachael Cooper

Cooperative Agreements - Working with Counties and Other Agencies
Download PDF • 2.87MB

Presenter: Tom Edwards

How to Take a Project from Idea Through Construction
Download PDF • 7.40MB

Presenter: David Cremer

Introduction to Section 4(f)
Download PDF • 1.16MB

Presenter: Lexi Freeman

Environmental Issues & the LRTP
Download PDF • 4.48MB

Presenters: Andy Vanaman & Chris McCray

Fast Cast Bridge Presentation March 2022
Download PDF • 11.21MB

Presenter: Rhonda Fair

Historical Preservation
Download PDF • 8.29MB

Presenter: Barry Hughes

Program Delivery Types
Download PDF • 331KB


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