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Tribal Transportation Training

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

Welcome to the “virtual” 2020 Tribal Transportation Training

The Tribal Transportation Training was developed to provide relevant and up-to-date information to tribes on the management of their transportation programs. The training was based in Oklahoma, and thus has a somewhat regional bias; however, much of this information is highly applicable and suited to tribal transportation programs across the country. The training material covers multiple aspects of tribal transportation programs including: transportation planning and reporting, document preparation, management styles, and environmental issues.

We would like acknowledge the sponsors for the training and thank them for their commitment to tribal transportation.

Follow the links below for access to the training materials. Presentations scheduled to be given by the Federal Highway Administration have been arranged independently by their organization as a weekly webinar series (more info on page). The remaining presentations for the Tribal Transportation Training, which are presented via multiple organizations and presenters, are included separately within this site.


1 - TTT - Construction Mgmg - Chris McC
Download • 9.74MB

Presenter: Chris McCray, Transportation & Safety Manager, Pawnee Nation LEARN MORE ABOUT CHRIS MCCRAY

2 - TTT - Idea thru Construction - Tom E
Download • 13.05MB

How to Take a Project From an Idea through Construction Presenter: Tom Edwards, President, Cross Timbers Consulting LEARN MORE ABOUT TOM EDWARDS

3 - TTT -Fast Cast Bridge - Andy Vanaman
Download • 14.69MB

Fast Cast Bridge Presenter: Andy Vanaman, President, Premier Steel Services LLC LEARN MORE ABOUT ANDY VANAMAN

4 - TTT - CPN GIS Drone Program - Zach D
Download • 33.11MB

Williams, GIS Specialist, Chickasaw Nation Roads Department LEARN MORE ABOUT PAMELA JURNEY

5 - TTT -Using ArcGIS - Pam-Miley
Download PDF • 3.61MB

Intergovernmental Fund Transfer Agreements: 202 (a)(9) Transfers Presenter: Sharon Ray, Director, Seneca Nation Department of Transportation LEARN MORE ABOUT SHARON RAY

7 - TTT - NEPA 101 - Lexi Freeman
Download PDF • 2.34MB

NEPA 101 Presenter: Lexi Freeman, Environmental Coordinator, Citizen Potawatomi Nation LEARN MORE ABOUT LEXI FREEMAN

8 - TTT - How to NEPA - David Cremer
Download PD • 7.99MB

How to NEPA the TTP Way Presenter: David Cremer, Environmental Coordinator, Citizen Potawatomi Nation

9 - TTT - Environmental Planning - John
Download • 6.48MB

Presenter: John Edwards, Ph.D., Natural Resources Scientist, Cross Timbers Consulting LEARN MORE ABOUT JOHN EDWARDS, PHD

10 - TTT - Request for Proposal - Tom Ed
Download • 1.82MB

What is a Request For Proposal? Presenter: Tom Edwards, President, Cross Timbers Consulting LEARN MORE ABOUT TOM EDWARDS


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