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Chris McCray

Transportation & Safety Manager, Pawnee Nation

Presentation: Construction Management / General Contractor (CM/GC) Construction Method

Mr. Chris McCray is a Pawnee Nation tribal member and currently serves as the Manager for the Pawnee Nation Department of Transportation & Safety. He is also the volunteer Assistant Fire Chief/Instructor and EMT for the City of Pawnee, with 16 years of service. Mr. McCray has been in the transportation field for 19 years, 8 years with the Pawnee Nation. As an advocate for public safety, Mr. McCray has promoted national highway safety programs and has overseen many important projects benefiting both the Pawnee Nation and the surrounding communities. Mr. McCray continues to demonstrate a commitment to maintaining and improving transportation infrastructure and public safety by using efficient and effective innovative ideas.

(918) 762-3655


Tom Edwards

President, Cross Timbers Consulting

Presentation: How to Take a Project From an Idea Through Construction

Presentation: What is a Request For Proposal? (Examples of Requests for Proposals)

Mr. Edwards began his career in the field of civil engineering with the Texas Department of Transportation in 1985. After working as an assistant county engineer (Smith County, Texas) for a number of years, he began his continuing trek into the world of tribal transportation. Mr. Edwards started with the Bureau of Indian Affairs in 1996 and remained there for nearly five years. Mr. Edwards has been immersed in nearly all aspects of tribal transportation such as funding, road and bridge design, long range transportation planning, road inventory, and environmental issues. He is trained and experienced in a number of civil engineering areas including site planning, parking lot design, roadway and bridge design, and transportation planning.

(405) 919-0039


Andy Vanaman

President, Premier Steel Services LLC

Presentation: Fast Cast Bridge

Andy Vanaman received a Bachelor’s in Science with a background in math and architectural drafting and design while attending Phillips University on a baseball scholarship in 1988.
With this background and his lessons learned in teamwork, he had the opportunity to take over the assets of a failed fabricator in 2004, Premier Steel was born.  Since that time, Premier has amassed a portfolio of over four hundred projects ranging from gaming, hospitality, education, and healthcare across the United States. Premier has also differentiated itself as the leader in composite fabrication in multi-story facilities across the country. Under this leadership, Premier Steel Services has fabricated more than 2 million square feet of composite structures. In the spring of 2019, Premier Steel took the Fast Cast Stair System wall design and developed the Fast Cast Bridge™.
“Premier Steel Services strives for continual development while exceeding our customers’ and employees’ expectations.”
See Demonstration Video

(918) 227-0110


Zach Davis

GIS Specialist, Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Presentation: Citizen Potawatomi Nation’s GIS Drone Program

Zach Davis is the GIS Specialist for Citizen Potawatomi Nation. He received his bachelor’s degree of Cartography with an emphasis in Geotechniques from East Central University and has been working for CPN since 2017. Zach obtained his Part 107 drone operating license in 2018. He has done numerous projects for other departments including (Bypass Wetlands Project – Environmental, and Pro Pipe site layout and progress – Iron Horse Industrial Park Construction – Economic Development). In his spare time, Zach enjoys time outdoors, leading worship at First Baptist Church Wewoka and spending time with his wife and 2-year-old son.


Pamela Jurney

Project Manager, Cross Timbers Consulting

Presentation: Using ArcGIS for Asset Management, Map Location, and RIFDS

Ms. Jurney has been working in the world of tribal transportation since 2007. She received a master’s degree in Geography and has used her GIS and research skills to organize and manage IRR Inventory for several tribes. Currently, she is focused on environmental compliance and tribal transportation safety. As part of the CTC engineering services, Ms. Jurney handles the NEPA compliance that must be addressed for federally funded projects. She is proficient in ArcGIS, both with exemplary cartographic skills and data analysis. She provides GIS consultation and writes her own curriculum for basic and advanced ArcGIS instruction.



(405) 255-6999



Miley Williams

GIS Specialist, Chickasaw Nation Roads Department

Presentation: Using ArcGIS for Asset Management, Map Location, and RIFDS

Mrs. Williams graduated from East Central University with a degree in Cartography (Geo-techniques). She began her career in 2009 with the Chickasaw Nation GeoSpatial Information Department but soon transferred to the Chickasaw Nation Roads Department. With the use of GIS, she has implemented a web map that shows important information of past, present, and future road projects.


Sharon Ray

Director, Seneca Nation Department of Transportation

Presentation: Intergovernmental Fund Transfer Agreements: 202 (a)(9) Transfers





Lexi Freeman

Environmental Coordinator, Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Presentation: NEPA 101

Lexi Freeman is an Environmental Coordinator at the Citizen Potawatomi Nation (CPN) where she assists in the completion of Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, NEPA compliance, air quality, and performs technical direction for major projects including investigations of groundwater in accordance with Clean Water Act Section 106 and 319 grants. Prior to her position at CPN, Lexi conducted her graduate research at Oklahoma State University studying the endangered American burying beetle, earning her Master of Science in Environmental Science in 2018. Lexi also holds a Bachelor of Science in Zoology from Oklahoma State University. Currently, she is the Secretary of CPN’s American Indians in Science and Technology (AISES) Chapter, a certified Floodplains Manager through the Oklahoma Floodplains Managers Association, and a CPN tribal member.

(405) 878-4829


David Cremer

Environmental Coordinator Tribal Transportation Program, FHWA

Presentation: How to NEPA the TTP Way

David Cremer been with FHWA for 7 years, and 5 years with the Office of Tribal Transportation. As an Environmental Coordinator with the Office of Tribal Transportation, he works with 36 Tribes across the United States. Prior to joining FHWA, David worked for the National Park Service and in the private sector as a consultant. He is responsible for consultation with tribes in the Rocky Mountain, Great Plains, Western, Southwest, Southern Plains, and E. Oklahoma Regions. David is a member of the Register of Professional Archaeologists and has an MA in Archaeology/Anthropology from Florida State University.

(202) 236-7613


John Edwards, Ph.D.

Natural Resources Scientist, Cross Timbers Consulting

Presentation: Environmental Planning in Long Range Transportation Plans

Mr. Edwards has been working in the tribal transportation field since 2004. Mr. Edwards received a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science, a master’s degree in Natural Resource Management and doctorate in Wildlife Science. He has completed environmental and biological assessments in multiple states including Oklahoma, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada, as well as wetland delineations in both Utah and Oklahoma. As part of CTC, Mr. Edwards is currently involved in conducting biological evaluations, wetland delineations, hydraulic analyses, bridge design, and planning.

(405) 246-6540

Tom Edwards
Andy Vanaman
Zach Davis
Pamela Jurney
Sharon Ray
Lexi Freeman
David Cremer
John Edwards
Zach Davis, GIS Specialist Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Sharon Ray Seneca Natino Department of Transportation
Miley Williams GIS Specialist Chickasaw Nation Roads Department
Lexi Freeman Environmental Coordinator Citizen Potawatomi Nation
John Edwards Natural Resources Scientist Cross Timbers Consulting
Andy Vanaman, President Premier Steel Services LLC
Tom Edwards, President, Cross Timbers Consulting
Pamela Jurney Project Manager Cross Timbers Consulting
Chris McCray, Transportation & Safety Manager, Pawnee Nation
David Cremer Environmental Coordinator Tribal Transportation Program FHWA
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