CTC Walking Challenge

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

In recognition of October being National Pedestrian Safety Month, Cross Timbers Consulting is hosting a walking challenge! Walking is good for our physical, mental, spiritual, and social health. Our goal is to be healthier and happier as we go through our professional and personal lives. As transportation professionals, we recognize the importance of safety in a shared transportation network.

Cross Timbers wants to recognize pedestrian safety by challenging our friends and colleagues to walk 21 miles during the month of October. We hope that you will join us in this challenge! You can register below! There will be prizes for those who participate and those that complete the challenge in addition to special prizes for the top walkers!

To make tracking your progress convenient, we have set up an app so you can submit your walks online. You will have the ability to submit miles or time through the app. You can also upload photos and mark your location. We have participants from across the country, so it will be fun to see our progress as individuals and as a group.

Once you have registered for the challenge, you can access the walking log app via the link or QR code below. Be careful to submit your walk under the same name every time.

If you prefer to track your miles on paper, we have also included a log sheet that you can complete and submit to us.